Our Community Is Kind!

Our Community Is Kind!

For over a year, Community Impact LAB members (pictured) have gathered every month to cook a delicious, healthy meal for the women and children living at our San Leandro Shelter.

Community Impact LAB grew out of a desire to create opportunities for parents to take action against inequity and injustice, to pursue new ventures and develop skills, and to build a village of compassionate families. A cornerstone of the group is that parents participate in an array of activities alongside their children.

“Food is a universal love language that Community Impact Lab has been speaking for over a year,” says CIL founder Xouhua Bowen. The first Tuesday of every month, families convene in a member’s home, and prepare a delicious meal for the 30 women and children at the shelter. “These few hours spent together gives us the opportunity to send love to our community through a delicious and healthy meal.”

“Families volunteer with their kids because eating nutritious, fresh food is a privilege too many families aren’t afforded,” Xouhua says. “Marginalized women and kids deserve more. We show our love and compassion through food!”

If you are interested in participating in CIL, email [email protected]. or visit www.communityimpactlab.org

To learn more about serving as a dinner cook for our San Leandro or Midway Shelter, please visit our volunteer page.

This article first appeared in our Summer 2017 Newsletter.

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