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   Children’s Program Coordinator, Laura Singley shows off Sister Me Home’s Children’s Library

                      GIFT THAT LASTS A LIFETIME

Gaurika Duvur loves to read. That’s why the sixteen year-old built a library. Gaurika is pursuing a Gold Award, the Girl Scout’s highest award of individual achievement.

Our Children’s Program is designed to address the needs of children who have experienced homelessness and family violence. Whether it’s working with the school district to ensure an uninterrupted school year, providing parenting support and education, and a safe, supportive environment.

The disruptive effects of trauma can hinder or inhibit a child’s development. Children’s Program Coordinator Laura Singley worked with Gaurika to fine-tune the project for children living at Sister Me Home, our shelter for women and children fleeing an abuser.

“Reading expands not only the vocabulary and imagination, but the ability for children to understand and control their own cognitive state. Through reading, we can provide children with a lifelong tool to learn, communicate and manage their emotions,” Singley says.

Gaurika collected donations to build a library for children living at Sister Me Home. Improvements included a new bookshelf, increased reading selections for all ages, and a multimedia library with an interactive display. Gaurika’s funding initiatives also financed a field trip to the San Leandro Library for the children and their mothers. Exploring the children’s reading area, learning about book check-out, then watching a presentation on local wildlife, parents and children discovered that the library is full of opportunities.

Gaurika seeks additional support to maintain the project long-term. If you would like to support this or other Children’s Program projects, please call Lorie at 510-357-0205, ext 206.

Building Futures is proud that our Children’s Program creates ways for young people to thrive!



Help Community Kids Succeed!
Backpack Drive for Homeless Children

Pictured: Council Member Benny Lee,
Building Futures Executive Director
Liz Varela, and Council Member
Ursula Reed. Not pictured: former Councilmember Diana Souza

You can help children served by Building Futures prepare for a successful school year by donating to our annual Back to School Drive. From July 1st to August 14th, we’re collecting school supplies for children in our shelters and domestic violence housing programs. This drive is being spearheaded by San Leandro Councilmembers Ursula Reed
and Benny Lee, and former
Council member Diana Souza.

We are most in need of backpacks, but all school supplies are needed. Whether in kindergarten or high school, your generosity will prepare them for the year to come, and let them focus on what’s truly
important – learning and growing.

We are grateful to these San Leandro businesses and institutions, and to all who contribute, for helping vulnerable children get the education they deserve!

Back to School Drive - Wish List pdf

For more information, contact Kaeleigh Thorp at 510-357-0205, ext. 205 or kthorp@bfwc.org.


Building Futures Board of Directors seeks experienced, enthusiastic individuals to help steward our agency and its work. Ideally, Board candidates will have a background in nonprofit finance or human resources, law, real estate and/or nonprofit development, or mental health. Absolutely essential is a belief that everyone deserves a safe
place to call home.

To learn more, contact Nancy Heastings at n.heastings@comcast.net
or 510-521-8534.


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