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We believe that everyone deserves a safe place to call home. That's why all of
Building Futures' programs and services prioritize linking our clients with housing.


Building Futures exists to help Alameda County individuals and families rebuild their lives after homelessness and domestic violence. We are currently seeing an increase in the number of people who come to our shelters and our housing assistance programs who have been living in their cars, sometimes with children. Before she was housed, a recent shelter client had been living in a park with her son. Over 40% percent of our clients have mental health and/or substance abuse challenges. About 60% cite domestic violence as a leading factor in their homelessness.

The estimated number of homeless persons in Alameda County on January 28, 2015 was 4,040. The number is 2009 was 4,341. Between 2009 and 2015, homeless providers in Alameda County assisted over 11,500 individuals to move into permanent housing. Because the numbers of people being housed is increasing, the point-in-time count number suggests that the rate of people becoming newly homeless is increasing. This is consistent with worsening trends in the underlying causes of homelessness here, including rapidly increasing rents in the East Bay.

An Alameda County renter must earn 3.5 times the local minimum wage to afford the monthly asking rent of $2,264, according the California Housing Partnership Corporation's May 2016 Alameda County Housing Need 2016 report.


Building Futures offers two emergency shelters for homeless women and children, the 30-bed
San Leandro Shelter and the 25-bed Midway Shelter in Alameda. More than 60 percent of the women in Building Futures’ homeless shelters have experienced family violence, the primary reason for homelessness for women, at some point in their lives. Those in the most immediate danger are referred to Sister Me Home, our safe house shelter, or other domestic violence shelters. Our San Leandro Winter Warming Shelter provides San Leandro residents living on the street with resources including overnight shelter and two meals during rainy or very cold weather.

Each year Building Futures shelters nearly 400 homeless people. About half are children. As a Housing First agency, our primary aim is to connect shelter residents to housing.

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